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Whatever I do, I’d like to allow for the possibility that I know nothing

Written by Sven Eberlein

In 1996, astronomers pointed the Hubble Ultra Deep Field telescope into a small part of the sky, right near the Big Dipper, that seemed utterly empty. Since this is a really high tech telescope and incredibly expensive to run, it wasn’t just that a couple of guys decided to go “sky surfing” during their lunch break, but they actually had to, I guess, convince their bosses to let them look at “nothing.”

What they found is not necessarily surprising to me, but I think it not only eases a bit of the worried mind but also encourages us to listen more to our hearts, for there are definitely limits to what our brains can process and understand.


We pointed the most powerful telescope ever built by human beings at absolutely nothing and discovered that we occupy a very tiny place in the heavens. There are over 100 billion galaxies in the universe. Our brains have no way to accurately put that in any meaningful perspective.

This is coming from hardcore scientists, and I think the statement is such a wonderful synopsis of what happens when the brilliant human mind is allowed to tango with the great big mystery of our existence. Whatever you want to call it (provided you find the left-brain exercise helpful) — god, soul, consciousness, love, eternity, all there is — I always find it refreshing to be reminded that we’re so small (in the physical sense) and yet so huge (in that we’re all part of this cosmic carnival) all at the same time.

My thought upon looking into the ultra deep field was this: Whatever I do, I’d like to allow for the possibility that I know nothing.

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  • And the closest galaxy to ours is 80,000 light-years away. These things blow me away constantly. Expansive thinking helps put everything on earth (and I do mean everything) in perspective.

  • It is humbling to see what Hubble sends back–and to realize that other beings must exist in the great, mindbending expanse. I was reading this morning in the Edgar Cayce magazine, Venture Inward, about other beings who may soon make contact with us, to help us. Edgar Cayce spoke (in his readings) of beings without physical form, but who can take on physical form when upon a world like ours. Many nights I stare up at the sky and there is some part of me that can’t stop thinking, “Where are you? I wanna go, too!” (I’ve obviously watched the movie, Cocoon, a few too many times.:)
    Thanks for sharing the video, Sven.

    • Pam, I can’t help but think there are other beings out there, but I’m thinking they would manifest in ways that we’re completely unused to. Perhaps they’re already here and we just don’t see them, because the only way they can apparate is if we give big hugs to random strangers. I could think of a lot more scenarios… 😉