Sex and the Eco-City

Written by Sven Eberlein

That’s the title of an article in this week’s Time Magazine. Being a great aficionado of all things simple and eco as it relates to cities (walking, bicycling, urban gardens, farms, public transit, etc), I was instantly aroused by such a promising title. Alas, the story is “only” about green sex toys.

As the green movement makes its way into the bedroom, low lighting is a must–to conserve electricity–but so are vegan condoms, organic lubricants and hand-cranked vibrators.

Not to take anything away from vegan condoms, but my sexual appetite is so much larger than that: I lust for visionary urban design that creates greater intimacy, attractive architecture in sync with natural rhythms, and low carbon ejaculation.

Sure, I want organic lubricant, but the thought of living in this building gets my juices flowing naturally:

Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna, Austria

I mean, I’m all about natural family-planning (NFP), but the thought of natural city-planning is simply irresistible:


Freiburg has built its economy and reputation on being “Germany’s greenest city.” The 900 year old city decided in the 1970’s to reject nuclear power, and instead developed its own solar industry. In 1996, the city passed a resolution to reduce CO2 emissions to 25% below 1992 levels by 2010. In 1997, Solar-Fabrik decided to build a nonpolluting solar manufacturing plant in the city. Today the city draws tourists from around the world, who come to check out its super progressive architecture, city planning, educational institutions and industry and R&D. From Treehugger

I don’t know about you but I love getting intimate right in the street…

And I’m just full of love when my body is moving and I’m surrounded by joyful masses in the middle of a city park…

I think birth control is great, and if biodegradable lambskin condoms find new takers and stabilize world population, I’m all for it. But if we seriously want to reduce our carbon footprint, we have to re-envision our cities…

Drawing by Richard Register

Cuz you know, that organic massage oil and those whips made of recycled inner tubes don’t quite get me as excited as the thought of doing it in a place like this:

So, if sex in the eco-city sounds like something worth working toward, check out groups like Ecocity Builders, Livable Cities, or Walkscore.

PS: And just to show that this is not only a male fantasy, this one came in from Kirstin Miller, Director of Ecocity Builders:

Ur, NOT sexy

…i’m not feeling anything (except completely bored)…



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