Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

Written by Sven Eberlein

Manu Chao, Coachella 2007, Photo by Paul Familetti

I came across this old clip from an interview with Manu Chao I read a few years ago, somewhere deep down in my file drawer. I cut it out because it spoke to me then, and it still does:

What I always say is that the only revolution I can handle is my own revolution. My revolution is to try to radiate positive vibrations everywhere I go and give hope to people and give good energy to people and to have my kitchen clean. That’s the only revolution I believe in. When they ask me about solutions, I say the only solution that I have is to have my own kitchen clean. If everyone would do the same, there would be a huge revolution, and it would be a wonderful revolution, because it wouldn’t be recuperable. My job is to clean my kitchen. Your job is to clean your kitchen. I believe in that.

Que horas son, mi corazon? Indeed!


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