Harvest Moon, Setting and Rising

Written by Sven Eberlein

photo by debra baida

Woke up this morning to a spectacular Harvest Moon setting over San Francisco.

At around the same time, my dear friend Paul landed in Kathmandu, where he is about to spend his fall semester sabbatical with his beautiful wife and three daughters. This is his post:

Spectacular flight into Kathmandu, with snowy peaks rising above the clouds… Kids bouncing off the walls with excitement! 8 long years away, but we’ve finally returned “home” to Nepal! Glowing pink sunset walk around the great Boudanath stupa, then a delicious roof-top meal, watching the full moon rise above strings… of prayer flags… I’ve wept several times today… We feel so blessed and grateful to be here!

Check out the awesome blog about their journey.

Life is magical, it really is. Sometimes all we have to do is look up in the sky.

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