Soul Stories


Written by Sven Eberlein

“I’ve been around since the beginning of humankind,” said the old man, drawing a circle in the air with his gnarled fingers. “Tangled up in wars and deception, each time a new generation was born the hopes of the world rested on the children’s innocence and honesty for a kinder tomorrow, until these children had been taught to judge and discriminate, so they, too, could survive the stringent framework of adult reality.

After many, many cycles of initial hope and eventual surrender, the weight of generations layered upon generations became so heavy that innocence and honesty got trapped under a massive pile of doctrines. Every time another adult turned off the voices that spoke of beauty, love and adventure, the fog around distant childhood dreams became thicker and thicker, leaving behind only the fading leaves of past ideals.

Somehow though, the world keeps on turning, because the children have always protected its great secret of happiness in their hearts. “I must go now,” mumbled the old man, “the journey through time has been exhausting,” and with a smile he added: “See you on the other side!”

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Sven Eberlein

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