Dancing on the Brink of the World reviewed in The Mountain Astrologer

Written by Sven Eberlein

The current issue (Dec/Jan 2010) of The Mountain Astrologer, one of the leading periodicals of the global astrology community, has a great review of Dancing on the Brink of the World. Mary Plumb gave us a good chunk of a page, so it’s worth going out and getting the whole issue at your local news stand. It’s their 22nd anniversary issue and the title story is “The Astrology of the Water Crisis,” an intriguing take on how the archetypal element of water relates to the substance itself.

Here are a few excerpts from the review:

The work is a creative project that offers the wisdom of the signs of the zodiac to a different audience — people with no astrological background — as well as giving astrologers as new understanding of the signs.

Reviewer Mary Plumb then gives a shout out to our crazy interdisciplinary vision:

There’s a lot of interweaving and integration of themes throughout the work — and it’s fun.

She talks about the stories, Chemystry Set music, Steven Forrest‘s contributions, and Evelyn Terranova gets heaps of praise for her artwork and vision that is so well deserved. The final paragraph sums it up:

Astrologers and curious non-astrologers alike will appreciate the artistic approach, the many imaginative elements, and the general merriment in Dancing on the Brink of the World.

Thank you Mary Plumb and TMA!

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