Street Life

Taking back the streets

Written by Sven Eberlein

Sunday Streets is a great SF event where several city blocks are closed for automobiles, rotating around different parts of the city to show how cool and how possible it is to get around on bike, roller skates, scooter, foot, paw, or any other non-fossil fuel burning engine. Today was my neighborhood’s turn, The Mission, and I want to share some photos. Last week I did a photo essay on biking in Amsterdam, but looking at my streets today I’m happy to say we’re catching up around here.

Everybody came…


Bikes of all shapes…

different shapes

and sizes…

all sizes

Whole families came

all sizes

and sometimes they all ride together…


the four-leggeds love it

4 legs

Little wheels…

little wheels

and big wheels…

big wheels

music on wheels…

music on wheels

if you have a problem, the bike kitchen can fix it

bike kitchen

taking a break…


In the end they all met at Dolores Park to watch and listen to the SF Symphony…


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