Slow down for a second

Written by Sven Eberlein

Gosh, it feels like the world is coming to an end, at least in our heads. Of course there are huge problems in the world but if you watch the news you feel like we’re on the precipice, ready to step into a free fall to be greeted by an inferno. But if you go outside and step away from the computer or television screen for a minute you realize all the amazingly beautiful life that goes on with or without us humans. Maybe one of the blessings of recessions and unemployment is that we have more time to look at and enjoy things that are free and yet so invaluable. I’m thinking that rather than beating ourselves into a pulp over what we should be doing or having it might actually be more productive to appreciate for a moment that which we have. Here’s what’s out there and what I was able to take in last weekend, free of charge and stress, at the Moss Beach tide pools:

So take a deep breath, we’re on a magical planet with so much beauty. Enjoy the moment, this one right now is the best!

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