Soul Stories

If the elevator didn’t stop…

Written by Sven Eberlein
another new poem to challenge old assumptions…


If the elevator didn’t stop
you’d go straight to heaven

that is assuming
heaven is at the top

an idea we feed
with a hungry mind
until the high rise made of paper leaves
is strewn in the wind
like a million little snow flakes

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Sven Eberlein

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  • I love the new look, Sven, especially the ‘words’ grouping on the right. Nice creating. The change reflects a more serious mood–at least to me. Nice poem, too. I’m going to have to undo a whole lot of visualization if it turns out heaven is the other way!

  • Thanks Pam. I was looking for something clean and easy to read so that the focus would be on the content, both literary and visual. Those word clouds are pretty cool, I’m also using it on my site. Check out – all you do is paste a few of your essays and it gives you the cloud in a variety of shapes and colors.

    • Thanks Lark, it seems that the whole idea of a physical spatial division of something as ethereal as heaven is more of a contraption of the human mind.

      • Yes, it seems so. Here’s another perspective on “heaven.”

        “When my life ends,
        I’ll be just a memory on this earth.
        My life must float like an Indian canoe
        Downriver to the ocean when the sun is low…
        I’ll be just a memory when the sky turns red,
        And the moon shines on the sea,
        And all the birds on the ocean shall sing!”

        — Written for elder Annie Zex’tko York

        I came across it in the dedication of the book, “They Write Their Dreams on the Rock Forever,” (about pictographs in the Stein Valley, BC, Canada).

        • beautiful! Life really is like a river. I once wrote a song with this chorus:

          All is One and One is All no matter how you see,
          we are Rivers
          All the sum of all our thoughts is what we’ve come to be,
          we are Seekers
          Flowing down the streams of life into an ocean wide,
          we are Rivers
          Searching for the whole entire universe inside,
          we are Seekers