health care choices? my socialist german ass!

Written by Sven Eberlein

Ok, I’m not complaining here, because I know that my health care premiums are still very low compared to how a lot of people in this country literally get plunged into bankruptcy and even to their deaths by outrageous rates and often no coverage at all. But after getting a letter from Anthem Blue Cross yesterday increasing my premiums by 50% I thought I would at least have to call them out on their shameless linguistic gymnastics of trying to make you feel good about being exploited. Here’s the full letter I posted on dailykos.

Here’s an excerpt:

Anthem: Keeping your health coverage is the right thing to do. Things happen — even if you’re healthy right now, you could be caught off-guard by an unexpected illness or injury. And if you cancel your coverage now and become ill or injured later, you may not qualify to re-enroll. Why take that chance?

Translation: Ok, let’s get this straight, buddy, no more pussyfooting around here. If you don’t swallow our nice big chunk of premium-swelling generosity, you can kiss our big fat helping hand good-bye. FOREVER, YOU GOT THAT, PUNK!!?? Because you know it, and we know it. It’s our favorite little secret and we’ve spent billions on making sure it’ll happen: You WILL get sick, and you WILL suffer, and because you selfishly refused to take our outstretched hand, we’re just gonna stand by with a big shit eatin’ grin and watch you deteriorate and turn into a shriveled piece of pumpkin crust. And don’t even think about crying for help then, because YOU had your chance, YOU asked for it, YOUR defiant behavior gave us no other choice but to let you rot along with the rest of your 50 million thankless uninsured welfare queens.

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