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Drops of Water on the Soul

Written by Sven Eberlein
I dug up this poem I wrote in my scratch book I don’t know how many years ago. I think it’s about consciousness. Or finding light in the darkness. Or something.

Drops of water on the soul
that vast and delirious ocean
holding the key that doesn’t fit
into the keyhole of conceptualization

A light drizzle at first
changing the mood from sunny disposition and easy navigation
to a blurred vision through misty eyes
setting the tone for an understanding which cannot be grasped

Elusive horizon washes its straight line
into shades of gray
caterpillars crawling through the gut
shedding skin
then butterflies flying to places unknown

The downpour brings darkness
around a small grain of sanity
The soul is now completely lost
as if it had never known anything

Information dispersed, lights out
swim, swim, swim, my friend
you don’t know anything
but you are loved
by the rain

It’s guiding you to sail on the sea of confusion
helping you to love all that you are
opening the floodgates of good and bad
to all flow into one stream

When the rain stops, the stream continues

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