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2010: Marveling at things small and large

Written by Sven Eberlein

It’s the end of the year, a time when many of us piece together the perspectives gained throughout the seasonal cycle into one continuous story.

This is a collage, an attempt not only at making sense of my own journey (most photos link to posts I wrote this year) but at bridging the always beckoning dichotomy of hope and despair, heart and intellect, seeking change and being at peace with what is. I hope you’ll enjoy!

I thought about what to write…

but sometimes words can hardly express the deeper layers of life.

How do you put into words the agony of our wasteful ways…

…and at the same time celebrate the resilience and resourcefulness of the human spirit?

Perhaps the key to understanding is to think magically…

…without losing sight of the mundane.

What I found was that by marveling at the small things

I was made to see the impossible

and find inspiration in unexpected places

Once you start envisioning change…

you realize that it’s right in front of you, if only you open your eyes.

One thing I learned for sure:
If you want to get a view of heaven…

you better take note of the signs along the path

peace & seeds for creative change in 2011!


photo & art credits
Lethal Birdbath, by Rhianna Hixon
Alien Ballet, art and image by Albertus Gorman
Ecocity, by Richard Register
all other photos by Debra Baida & Sven Eberlein

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  • That is beautiful, Sven. What a great way to recap your writings … in picture form. Dances on walls is one of those photos that just makes you stop and think about the possible, the impossible and the wish-we-could.

    I linked this post from BPI Campus Chatter today. I hope others enjoy it as much as I did.

  • I have had a really bad week and I must confront some difficult challenges. However, your wonderful diary puts everything into perspective. I think the universe conspired for me to read this diary at this time, yes? Thanks for the wise and wonderful thoughts and Happy New Year!

    • that’s very touching, Lady Bug. I’m so glad I was able to bring a cheer to your day. It truly is the small things that loom large in the grander scheme, and just as my post gave you a much needed boost, your visit and comment is making my day. I think there’s a reason for everything, at least that’s an observation I draw from being a student of life and seeing how so many seemingly random meetings and messages always turn out to be full of purpose, meaning, and intention. I hope that the new year will ease some of your difficulties and you get to travel through life joyfully.

  • what a pleasure to be reading this message as midnight struck in the new year. as to mine own thoughts, picture the kids down the street and the car stuck in orinda. and i’m counting on a happy hopeful ending to the story.