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Oh-Phiuchus! Can’t Astrologers and Astronomers get along?

The emails came in immediately. “What, I’m no longer a Sadge?,” one friend inquired. My facebook wall lit up with cries for help ranging from the…

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Things not to do in 2012: Cancel your 2013 appointments

The very acknowledgment that there are things we are intellectually unable to grasp may be one of the keys to what this transition everyone is clamoring for is all about. In fact, trying to explain the Mayan prophesy with our “knowledge brains” may not only be stirring up outlandish predictions and filling self-proclaimed prophets’ coffers, but missing the point altogether. I give the Mayans way more credit than to be as one-dimensional as to throw out a date with some sort of two-dimensional, rational, mainstream media-reportable events, without some much larger, eternally more transcendent lesson attached to the puzzle.

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